Indian STREET FOOD Tour at Night – Momos, Vada Pav & Chicken Tandoori | Jorhat, Assam, India

Indian STREET FOOD Tour at Night – Momos, Vada Pav & Chicken Tandoori | Jorhat, Assam, India

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One of the things I love the most about travel is that destinations are never just one thing. They’re multi-layered and diverse. A prime example of that is India, a country I’ve now visited three times. The states of Assam and Meghalaya in northeast India, which I explored in March of 2019, are so different from other parts of the country, from the people to the culture to the landscapes to the food. It’s so exciting to get more of a sense of what India is and I’m thrilled to share this gorgeous and unique region with you!

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My first night in the Assamese city of Jorhat continued as my friend Rishi and I headed out on a nighttime street food tour I will never forget! Jorhat is very close to China, so there are lots of Chinese and even Mongolian influences in the cuisine there. I couldn’t wait to taste them for myself!

First, we headed to Break Time to get some momos. These momos are steamed first and then fried. A rich and spicy red sauce with pepper and chilies is made and the momos are stir-fried with it. These momos weren’t too hot and I loved the red sauce! They were the best fried momos I’d ever had. They were still crunchy on the outside and super juicy in the middle. The chicken inside was minced and perfectly cooked. They’re super filling and were like spicy, Szechwan-inspired momos. I was in love with them! You get a massive plate of them for only 60 rupees, or roughly $0.86 U.S.

Next, we headed back out and got some Vada Pav at Delhi Chaat House. Vada Pav is a potato fritter that is served on a bun with chutneys and is sometimes referred to as an Indian burger. I’d had it before in Mumbai and Pune and couldn’t wait to try it again. It was served with mustard, sweet sauce, coriander chutney, and a spicy sauce. The sweet sauce was so tasty. The bun was super fluffy and the spicy sauce was really hot! I also loved the coriander chutney. It was an amazing potato mash sandwich! It only cost about 40 rupees, or about $0.58 U.S.

After that, we continued our street food tour by heading back out and getting some spicy chicken wings at Seev’s. They use the second spiciest peppers in the world, ghost peppers, in their wings. There was a honey glazed sauce on it that contained the peppers. The chicken wasn’t that hot but was super juicy. The heat made my lips tingle a little bit as I continued eating.

We also got some double-marinated chicken tandoori drumsticks, which had a thick, white sauce on them. I loved the smoky flavor and the glaze was so creamy and cheesy. I was in love with them! I added some mint chutney to them which was great. The sauce was like a soft brie cheese. Our total there came to 450 rupees ($6.49 U.S.): 250 ($3.60 U.S.) for the wings and 200 ($2.88 U.S.) for the tandoori drumsticks.

Next, we were back on the streets of Jorhat to get some spicy pani puri! Pani Puri is my favorite Indian dish of all time and my mouth was all set for a spicy version of it! They’re made of leavened, hollow flatbread that is filled with an aloo (potato) mixture, chilies, onions, pani (spiced water), and a spicy sauce. It was super hot and really good. I loved the crunch and chunks of potato. I’d never had pani puri this spicy! It costs 10 rupees ($0.14 U.S.) for 5 puris and the vendor keeps giving you more until you say you’re done.

The vendor also gave me a dry one without pani that I liked even better! I could honestly eat pani puri forever. The dry ones without the pani were so fantastic! I loved them so much. They were both spicy and sweet and had an incredible flavor combination. And even though it’s 10 rupees for 5, the vendor actually gives you an extra one for free!

Our final destination was Ice Station, where we got some rose lassi. I hadn’t had lassi in a while and I wanted to cool my mouth off after the spicy pani puri. It was delicious and milky and more like a shake. They put nuts on top, which add a nice crunch. I’d had a thicker lassi in Amritsar but I really liked this one, too. It had a nice rose flavor and helped me beat the fiery feeling in my mouth, so it did the trick!

I hope you loved my nighttime street food tour of Jorhat! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my channel.

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