The Chickam Live Stream

The Chickam Live Stream

It’s the 11th year of Chickam!
DISCLAIMER: Chickam is a 24/7 live feed of our baby chicks hatching and growing up over an 8 week period inside our home. Incidental background noise, including audio from various forms of media, may be inadvertantly picked up by the camera and unintentionally ACCIDENTALLY broadcast. We do not own the rights to any such media.

Chickam is our live web broadcast, with sound, of baby chickens hatching–and then the next 8 weeks of them growing up! The camera is always on, so you can watch them 24/7! It’s 2019 and the time for Easter and Chickam is fast approaching! This year we will set eggs in the incubator on March 30th, with planned hatch dates of April 18th-20th–normally chicken eggs hatch after 21 days of incubation, but bantam eggs like to hatch anywhere from 2-3 days early! Keep checking here, if you tune in and see EGGS, that means the hatch is on! This year the eggs hatching will be from our own mixed flock of various breeds and sizes, so they will be mixed breeds. I will candle the eggs after 10 days of incubation to see how many embryos we have.

I’ll update here, on Twitter, on my blog and at with details. Viewers can suggest names for the chicks, we’ll draw a name out of a hat for each chick as it hatches—so please dream up some weird and fun chicken names to suggest, your name might get chosen! Since we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, as you can imagine typical names such as ‘Dinner’ and other droll suggestions have been used long ago—so be silly and get creative!

During the rest of the year, we will also occasionally put the cam out in the yard with the adult chickens throughout the year (weather permitting) on Saturdays or Sundays, sometimes aimed at the nest boxes or showing the chickens eating from the very fun, moving Wheel Of Food…or with the cam stuck inside of a hollowed-out pumpkin for a hilarious ‘foods-eye view’ of the chickens eating!

Chickam is very educational and fascinating for children, especially those studying the life cycle of animals. In the past I have given several educational live chats with question & answer segments for school children, and am happy to do so at no cost. We live in a suburban-ranch community of Gardnerville, Nevada where we keep a small flock for pets and eggs. We’ve been broadcasting the hatch of baby chickens on Chickam annually, in the Spring, since 2008.

Our chickens are of various breeds, including Giant Cochins, Dark India Cornish, Australorp, Americanas, Barred Rock, New Hampshire, Jersey Giant, Red Star, Easter Egger, Brahmas, Belgian d’Uccle, Krainkoppe, and bantam Cochin varieties. We usually have at least one hatching each spring and raise the chicks to adolescence before taking our pick of the litter and rehoming the extra roosters and hens.

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